MoonTown Cafe

OK, I should be fair.  Although I almost exclusively write prose, there are people out there who, for whatever reason, write poetry.  Poets need love too, because they’re certainly not getting anything else.  So here’s a post for you, poets.  It’s about a site called MoonTown Cafe.

MoonTown Cafe

If you haven’t guessed already, MoonTown Cafe is a free writing community for poets.  MoonTown Cafe (can’t stop writing it; love the sound of it; poetry much?) offers forums, contests, rankings, personal profiles, social networking, and more, all centered around user submissions.

In a brilliant move to incentivize reading others’ submissions in addition to submitting your own, the site has a point system that gives users points for critiquing others’ work, while taking away points for submitting their own.  So many writing communities languish and die because they don’t encourage a high level (or any level) of interaction and feedback.  It’s nice to see that MoonTown Cafe has found a solution.  Now if only I could find a good writing community for fiction writers with the same policy.  Anyone heard of one?


2 Comments on “MoonTown Cafe”

  1. Neeks says:

    Thanks for sharing the info. I haven’t heard of any groups like that for fiction writers, wouldn’t that be great though!

  2. Raven says:

    Thank you for posting this site!

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